A dimanche in Paris. A photo essay.

From eye-catching, effortless French fashion, to quintessential examples of Parisian family time and a glimpse of romance - I captured all that I came across on a simple stroll through the city of love on a beautiful spring day.

Marché aux Fleurs Reine Elizabeth II. If I had a sense of smell, it would have been glorious, I’m sure. But my eyes feasted on behalf of my nose.
The characters of Paris are uniquely individual, like no where else in the world. Quirky, interesting, unafraid to be themselves. This scooter riding 4 month old parrot.
A city of 10,000 restaurants and waiters. On every corner, waiting to serve you white wine at any time of the day.
Sartorially sensational families. Note to self, must shorten my pants.
A dad throwing a tantrum thrower over his shoulder. Too much carouselling. Relatable.
Bike usage has exploded in the city & Sundays are exclusively family time. I love this about the French, they make time for one another.
I love how incredibly content this woman looks, drinking in the spring air.
Bad for car suspension, great for the photographer eye — city streets paved in frenchness.
Sitting on the grass is discouraged, but chairs are everywhere to pull up & drink in the afternoon. Some rose in the sun, perhaps?
Oh to be young, in love and in Paris. These two look pretty freaking happy with themselves. I swooned.
It wouldn’t be Paris unless someone was getting engaged or married under or around the Eiffel Tower. I love how these two were right in the bustle of everything else and most people just ignored them entirely. Meanwhile, I acted like the paparazzi ;0)
I still find the juxtaposition between Parisian fashion & rollerblading mind blowing. But they love it. Sundays are full of people soaking up the sunshine & topping up the endorphins. You have to hand it to them, they make exercise a regular weekend past time.
I mean…some photos just take themselves. THIS left me squealing with delight so loudly that another tourist was laughing with me at how glorious this gentleman was. I love him so much.
The woman of Paris lived up to their excellent fashion reputations.
Instagram husbands abound. The couple with the pooch are looking at the photos he just took of her & our beautiful poser is midst action.
An icon. Cafe de flore. St Germain.
Say what you like about the french & their attitudes towards tourists, I have only ever found them to be welcoming & happy (and call many family now!). Even the police wanted to chat about the All Blacks.
I bet you do honey.
Round, round, get around, they get around.
It’s not the size of your garden that counts, it’s that you tend to it. Even when it’s less than 1 sqm in size.
Fishing & walking for these old chaps. They were excited (can’t you tell?) that someone wanted to photograph them. We had zero capability to converse, but they understood (I hope) that I wanted to capture their friendship. This is where it helps to be a pink haired lady, I’m definitely not likely to be a threat!
Iconic Pont Neuf.
Trees etched with messages of love.
Busy-ness as usual.
What gluten intolerance? Some things are worth the short term pain.
Finding relatives of Rua’s is always a past time — Cavalier King Charle’s suit this city. I made friends with this little girl, gushing all over her.
The end. A happy, tired, content Nene. I like being a photographer here.



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